The Dogs You Meet on the Street

Exciting! This is the first post doing what I set out to do… Show cute randoms on the street! It is def harder than I thought because a) When I’m running, I don’t want to carry anything I don’t have to, so I’ve seen a bunch of cuties and wish I had my camera or phone, but I don’t and b) Even I’m a little pensive to ask people, especially if they seem in a hurry or like they might not be sympathetic to my plight (this is already getting easier, I’m down to harrass people with dogs) and c) Dogs don’t sit still for pictures, so you have to have time to get a decent shot.

But I got off to a great start, I think! Brain and I went to The Range for brunch, and there were two tan, longer-haired weiner woofahs (Dachshunds) outside with three fabu owners. I got some good details on the duo… The dogs were named Takashi (not sure on spelling) and Bandit. And guess what?! They are father and son! The Dad is named Takashi because he is from Japan. I got the impression he travelled here on an extended vacay with his Dad. This was my first fact-finding mission, too, so I wasn’t exactly Sarah Zucker, the hard-hitting investigative journalist who always gets the story.

Bandit, the Son

“I’m cute and very friendly.” -Bandit

Dad, Takashi

Action Shot! Look at that great photography.

Best part: Takashi’s owner told me he had an “evil face.” You are looking at it. Pretty evil, huh? BUT, the great part was that when he would say, “Time to go in your crate,” Takashi did a really unhappy growl, and it was so funny!

Evil face number 2.

Loved these dogs and owners. It was a great first entry, because they were so nice. And to be honest, I used to be a little biased against weiner dogs because that was the only breed of dog that has ever nipped at me. It was really nothing, but I was traumatized for a minute. But now I’m in love all over again.

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My Friends Have Cute Dogs

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Hi friends!Before I begin, I need to reiterate something: I know nothing about this blogging process. As I create this, I’m realizing how little I know about computers in general. Sorry… It’s def amature hour here at El Doggie Bloggie. Luckily, … Continue reading

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“Woof Woof”

Welcome to The Doggie Bloggie! The URL is because my idea was already taken (another genius out there, I guess). Anyways, this blog is dedicated to random woofahs. (In my family, we call dogs woofahs- thanks Elena.) I meet so many dogs when I walk and run down the street (espesh in Hillcrest), and I freak out about each and every one. Some are especially cute/handsome. It is time to memorialize these encounters. With the permission of the owners, I hope to be taking a photo and getting a few fun facts about the woofahs I have the pleasure of meeting. Then I’ll share it with you. I freak out about dogs!! I’ll start with the woofahs nearest to my heart. These are my family’s dogs. Freaking LOVE these dogs. In no particular order, here are our woofahs, past and present. One is missing- our first woofah Saskatchewan “Sassie” Zucker, a beautiful Shetland Sheepdog. I’ll try to dig up a photo of her for your viewing pleasure.

Molly the Collie. Beautiful animal. Blonde highlights on top of her head. Although she was spazzy as a puppy, she is now the Colliest Collie ever, more than Lassie (loyal, sweet, honorable). She and I have a special relationship.
The late Hannah. Best dog there ever was. I’ll get more photos of Hannah-Banana. When Brain saw this photo, he said, “Hannah-Banana! Hannah is the O.G.D.” (Original Gangsta Dog). Hannah was a Shetland Sheepdog. She was tall and thin, like a super model. With the biggest heart. She once saved her sister, Emma (below), from drowning in the pool.
Emmmmmmmmi! This is Emma. She is 11 and so gangsta. Elena’s caption:  Meet Emma! Emma is 12 years old and is a Shetland Sheepdog. She enjoys laying under the gardening bench in her owners back yard. She may look small, but she’s the Queen Bee. She will also do anything for cheese.
O.k. This is Molly, who you know, with the late Pippa, who was an Old English Sheepdog. She died way too young- as a puppy. She was just too cute for this earth, I guess. It is still difficult for my family to accept that we had her for such a short time. She was the abso cutest, funniest dog ever. She loved bananas. She was famous for doing a double-take over a banana. Look at how cute she is. Unreal.
Molly watching Dog T.V. She really digs it.
You can’t see his face at the moment, because it is buried in the dog food bag he broke into, but this is our newest and biggest goof ball, Finley. He too is an Old English Sheepdog. He weighs over 70 pounds, and he is still a puppy. He is so sweet and a total lunatic. I adore him.
Emma Bean in a scarf. Need I say more? Yes, you have now seen the cutest thing you can ever hope to see see. You are welcome.
The late Pippa with a toy she appropriated from Molly.
The welcoming committee at our house. Emma, Pippa, Molly.
Finley- just chillin’
Molly on her way home to our house when we got her. Look at that face.
Serious note: Pippa died of a rare but noteworthy recessive genetic disease called Ciliary Dyskinesia, which means she could not clear anything from her lungs. It sucked. This disease could easily be erradicated wth responsible breeding practices. I don’t discriminate between dogs from breeders or shelters (I love them all), but if you do buy from a breeder: donate to a shelter, make sure your breeder is responsible, and do a thorough health check. If you are open, give a mut a home!
The ladies… Hannah and Emma… Beautiful.
One of these dogs is not like the others?? That is right. We have all drovers (hearding dogs, basically), and this dog is, well, an alien? Just kidding!! This is my friend Erin’s dog, Roscoe. He is a great little buddy. Shout out to Roscoe!!Well, that is it for the first installation of The “El Doggie Bloggie.” 

Props to my Mom, who takes care of all of our dogs (I just get to come and visit.) My Mom has mad skills when it comes to caring for our dogs. She has actually done anything you can possibly think of and more in order to care for our wolf pack. And my Dad takes them for walks and scoops A lOT of poop! A LOT.

Subscribe for all of the excitement to follow. Once I get going (if all goes according to plan, and this works out), I will be posting doggie submissions from anyone who wants to highlight any cute pet or random dog. Please be advised: This blog will not be cute or fancy… I don’t really do well with computers. The dogs will have to speak for themselves!

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